Maci Transportation Services

Billing Policy

Our company offers airport transfers and drop-offs at a fixed charge referred to as the “Basic Airport Transfer” rate. This rate applies to the majority of the world’s airfields. The pricing for the Basic Airport Transfer is calculated on the assumption that a passenger will be picked up and dropped over with no related delays or waiting time longer than our waiting period limitation.

Your reserved vehicle will be sent out based on the expected arrival time for your flight, which is offered to the corporation by the electronic machine used by each airline. The firm is not liable for any delays, whether caused by the computerized method used by the airline or by any additional factor. If the client is late or the time limit is extended beyond the allotted wait period, the billing will be adjusted to reflect the current hourly rate that is in effect for the organization.

Based on the prior notice, rides can be charged to the customer’s credit card or organizational bank details, or the customer might choose to pay cash on delivery (COD). American Express, MasterCard, Discover Card, and Visa are the credit cards used to pay for services with Maci Transportation.

For the amount of money that was previously mentioned, our organization is willing to provide passengers with fully equipped automobiles driven by a chauffeur to fulfill the schedule. The client is responsible for paying any parking charges, gratuities, tolls, and tips for the drivers, except if the comment portion of the reservation specifies differently.

The driver is only permitted to carry out the responsibilities outlined in the charter document. Each alteration to the schedule will lead to extra fees, and payment is required before the service is carried out.

Each alteration to the schedule will lead to extra fees, and payment is required before the service is carried out.

The company’s responsibility is restricted to transportation only, and it will not cover any damages that occur as a result of interruptions to the trip, postponements in transit, or cancellation of the trip due to inclement weather, mechanical failure, acts of God, or any other circumstances that fall beyond the regulation of the service provider. Items that are forgotten on the cars or damaged or lost in any other way due to the transfer would not be the company’s responsibility.

Please remember that the charges for our airport pickup service include both the Waiting Time and the Car Parking Fees for up to 30 minutes after the arrival of domestic travel and up to 60 minutes after the landing of international airlines.

On top of the fare, a 20% gratuity will be added.

All prices are determined in the country’s native currency, but customers are charged in dollars based on the current exchange rate.