Maci Transportation Services


The following is a summary of our additional stop policies since we realize that there are times when it is necessary to pull over along the road for a range of reasons or due to an unforeseen incident or necessity.

A passenger who makes point-to-point reservations but requests a stop along the way will be billed as follows:

Sedan15 minutes$10
SUV15 minutes$15
Van15 minutes$20
Mini Bus15 minutes$30
Small Bus15 minutes$35
Coach Bus15 minutes$50


We are unable to provide any guarantees on the availability of extensions. Due to this, it is essential that the buyer accounts for any unexpected delays and keeps to the timeline that you initially agreed upon. If the customer wishes to alter the schedule period, they are permitted to do so; however, this is subject to the condition that most of their customers who have booked services with Maci Transportation either before or after the period in question.

The buyer also undertakes to pay any extra fees incurred, which will be calculated at the usual car rate at 30-minute intervals. The client grants permission to Maci Transportation to use the recipient’s credit card as a form of additional payment for any extra costs that may arise after the limousine service has been provided. If you want to pay with cash, you will need to have the money ready when you first start using the rental space. The customer consents to Maci Transportation obtaining approval for the credit card and the price shown above under the scenario described above.


Since our software simply determines the most efficient route for your journey, tolls are not part of the base fare, but they will be added to your total if you specify that you must take the toll road when making your reservation.


All rides on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving Day will incur a 10% United States holiday fee, depending on the ticket, station, and wait period.


All domestic round-trips must be accomplished within one day and contain a maximum of two hours of A waiting period. If you have to wait more than two hours, you’ll have to pay the standard amount for that service. Longer journeys, such as the driver’s food and lodging, may incur more costs.


If you plan to bring more bags than usual, please let us know when you make your reservation so we can send a larger car or take other steps.

Luggage may be lost or stolen during transport for various reasons. However, Maci Transportation will not be held liable for these occurrences.


Only properly trained service animals assisting disabled people are allowed in our vehicles.


Maci Transportation would not be accountable for any events that are outside of company control, such as but not restricted to poor weather, traffic conditions, or any breakdown.

Maci Transportation retains the ability to charge at least fifty dollars for any required maintenance or damage to the automobile that goes outside the boundaries of typical regular use.

Any scheduled trip, any scheduled collections, or arriving at the Airport between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM will be liable to a pay evening fee. Maci Transportation would add a 10% administrative fee to the total amount due.

Any evidence of car burning will lead to a baseline obligatory cleaning charge of $100.00. Smoking is not permitted in any of the vehicles used by Maci Transportation in any capacity. The driver retains the right to discontinue the journey at any time, with the full fare being charged to the customers if any traces of smoking are discovered.

If trash, unhygienic wreckage, reflux, or spills are left in the car, we may evaluate a disinfecting service charge of approximately $200.00; fees will pertain to rectifying harm and hygiene benchmarks; any external damage caused by the traveler or collective will lead to an additional evaluation for fix components and labor, and missing or broken glasses will outcome in complete control of $10.00 per glass.

Travelers younger than 21 will not be permitted in the car if any types of alcohol are visible. Maci Transportation retains the right to nullify and pay the regular cost of services if the chauffeur discovers any traveler, not of age permitted in the vehicle for the intent of consuming alcohol. Customers younger than 21 years old will not be allowed in the car if any drinks are prevalent.

The group that decided to make the reservation or supplied credit card details is accountable for any injuries to the vehicle caused by any of its travelers or a foreign entity due to a conflict or improper conduct. Maci Transportation does not permit any gathering or any commuter to use automobiles for any exercise that is ethically wrong, illegal, or barred under any relevant legislation.