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Frequently Asked Questions

Your driver will be waiting for you at the Baggage Claim Level with a huge flashcard that features your face, and will be dressed in full uniform (suit and tie). In addition, if the airport has a specific area designated as a Meeting Area, you can anticipate that your driver will also be there.

If you cannot find your chauffeur at the Baggage Claim Level or Meeting Area, you can directly call dispatch to avoid any inconvenience 917-687-3946. By calling the dispatch, you can locate your chauffeur easily.

The standard gratuity rate is between 15 and 20 percent of the total cost of the trip, which is comparable to the amount you would spend at a restaurant. Mostly, companies don’t dictate gratuities. If they do, it is only in the case of weddings or proms where there is significantly less required for gratuity. However, it is better to pay your chauffeur when you begin your journey so that you will not have to think about it later. Also, it would reduce the possibility of gratuity being forgotten.

No. Our operators keep checking the flight schedules for earlier or delayed schedules. In case of delay, you will not get charged for 30 minutes of wait if your flight is domestic and 45 minutes of wait if your flight is international.

No. If your flight is delayed, our dispatch office will know it already since we keep checking eTAs, schedules, and variations. However, if your flight has been canceled, you must inform us so that we can arrange a limousine to receive you before the time. To avoid inconvenience, you must give all the details of your flight to the agency providing you with the service.

If you have a large quantity of luggage, inform us beforehand. Our Sedan Limo mainly carries average-sized luggage, but if you travel with excessive bags and other things, letting us know before arriving can help us make arrangement for you.

All airport car services keep different cars for different numbers of people. If you are 2-3 passengers, you can book Sedan. Try a stretch Limousine or SUV if you are up to 6 passengers. In the case of around 10 people, try Super Stretch Limousine. Further, our passenger vans can take up to 16 passengers to their destination. Super-stretched SUVs can work best if you are around 20 people. Lastly, it’s better to report Maci Transportation airport car service when booking if you have excessive luggage.

Your credit card is required for the reservation completion process. However, it will be billed on the day of your trip and not before that. If your friend or relative travels, we can arrange pre-payment facilities to avoid inconveniences.

If you want to cancel your reservation, inform us through a phone call, fax, or email. It is mandatory to keep an eye on the confirmation of cancellation. If you don’t get a call within 2 hours, you will not be billed if you follow the cancellation guidelines mentioned in our Cancellation Policy. You would be charged the total amount if you made a cancellation late. In airport car transfer cancellation, you must cancel your reservation on call at least 24 hours in advance. We would NOT REFUND anything if any traveler refused service because he seems to be under the alcohol or drugs influence, does misconduct, seems too much careless, behaves unethically with employees or passengers, refuses to follow the rules, refuses to wear a seatbelt, or display any kind of negative actions. It is mandatory to reach the pickup location before the scheduled pickup time; if you arrive late, you may miss your service.

Quicker is better. We do our best to accommodate last-minute bookings, but we strongly advise booking in advance, especially during the spring, fall, and holiday seasons.

The credit card information we take for the reservation is a “security deposit (SD).” It is because of the possibility that you might change your mind and refuses to go. Also, you can use the security deposit if you forget to keep cash with you. Lastly, the credit card information is also kept; if any passenger damages any insides of the Limousine, they will have to pay for the damage through their credit card. To know more about rules, read our Privacy Policy. In case of infringement of our rules, the rule-breaker will have to pay the fine. Lastly, we will securely dismiss your card information after service completion.

Yes, Maci Transportation offers special discounts on corporate services. Additionally, we work with many corporations of different sizes. We provide these corporations services based on their requests and limousine rental volume instead of charging them on hourly bases.

Not only in Maci Transportation but in all others as well, it is better to book the service for more hours since it will cost you more if you take the service for one hour only. Further, point-to-point and airport transportation services are exceptions in this regard. You can call 832-572-3337 to get more information about hourly services.

Upon demand, we do have car seats available. Car seats cost money, although we provide specials where you may obtain them for free if you ask ahead of time.

  • Anyone younger than 13 needs to be seated at the back.
  • Unless they are over 4 feet 9 inches, children below 8 must use a suitable kid safety seat.

Guidelines for Child Passenger Safety: 2013 Revision

Phase 1

Rear-Facing Seats

Newborns: up to 35 pounds; toddlers: over two years old.


Keep your child in a convertible safety seat or rear-facing infant for as long as possible, ideally until they reach the rear-facing tallness or weight restriction for the respective seat. Install in the seat at the back, rear-facing, as directed by the owner’s guide.

Phase 2

Forward-Facing Seats

After a kid reaches the highest height or weight restriction (40 – 80+ pounds) for the straps; they must travel forward-facing in a safety seat for just as long as feasible. Typically, they are four or older. Converted into a forward-facing position in the rear seat. In no circumstances should you flip your child forward facing until they have reached the age, height, and weight standards that the developer of the safety seat established.

Phase 3

Booster Seats

Until the child is 4 feet 9 inches tall, typically between the ages of 10 and 12, you should use the adult safety belt in conjunction with a booster seat for children who weigh 40 pounds or more.


If you’re going to utilize a booster seat, you need a lap and shoulder belt.

Phase 4

Adult Safety Belts

It is recommended that youngsters utilize the adult lap and shoulder safety belt once they have outgrown their booster seat (often at 4’9″, 10-12 years old).


The sash or belt must span your shoulder blades and ribcage at the lowest point.

Anytime, anywhere, for any reason. For the following, we offer prompt, courteous service:

  • Ceremonies,
  • Quinceañera,
  • Sporting World Adventures,
  • Casinos,
  • Airport Services,
  • Sweet Sixteen clubs,
  • Birthdays,
  • Concerts,
  • Bar Hopping, etc.

A deposit equal to forty percent of the rental price is required per our policy. Without this deposit, we cannot hold any car or guarantee availability. You must make all outstanding payments before or on the service date. Maci Transportation will not hold a service until a written contract (including e-contract) or other agreement has been signed.

When canceling any reservations with stretch limousines, you must give notice at least 7 days in advance to avoid being charged the full fee. If a verified reservation is canceled less than seven days before the appointment, the full amount of the fare will be billed. Reservations that have been confirmed but then canceled less than seven days before the trip will be billed in full.

When using our town car service for airport transportation, you must give us a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel free of charge.

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), money orders, traveler’s checks, cash, PayPal, direct bank deposits, and wire transfers are all accepted payment methods. Maci Transportation checks from individuals and businesses.

No. We do not allow any kind of smoking in our vehicles.

Our fleet of limos includes newer models that can seat anywhere from six to twenty-five passengers. The services of a chauffeur are included in the price of all vehicle rentals.


Number of Passengers

Sedan Service




Passenger Van Service


Hummer Limousine


Escalade Limousine


Party Bus


Passenger Bus


A passenger may be any age, even a youngster. We would never put a young child’s safety in danger, and we are not allowed to break the seating capacity rules. Getting a larger limo would ensure that everyone has enough space to sit comfortably.

Your child is not allowed to consume hard liquor in our automobiles because they are not of the legal drinking age. The chauffeurs have been told to store all bags, suitcases, and other potentially incriminating items in the back of the limousine until the conclusion of the evening as a safety measure against alcoholism. We have a strict no-tolerance policy regarding underage drinking.

Yes. However, you must dispose of your trash at the end of the day.

Our extended limousines are equipped with intercoms so you can always communicate with your chauffeurs. Each chauffeur also has a smartphone, so you may stay in touch with them during the day if any more pickups need to be made.

If somebody in you or someone in your group forgets something of value in the limousine and you haven’t already called, we will let you know right away. Please call us if you have misplaced something and want to check with our support team.

Even while we have some great CD compilations on board the limo, we strongly suggest our customers bring their music streaming players, like iPods, iPhones, MP3 players, DVD players, and CDs, so that you can listen to all of their favorite songs during your ride. On board, we provide ice, water, and coolers for guests over the age of 21 so they can bring their preferred beer and wine. Additionally, a lot of people take their cameras so that they can capture all of the memorable moments of their vacation.

Not a big issue at all! If your limousine reservation is the final one of the day, or if no additional reservations have been made for that car during the day, you are welcome to keep your reservation. Inquire of the driver, and we promise to do anything we can to ensure the festivities continue uninterrupted.

Whenever, anywhere, always.

Absolutely! We will do everything in our power to fulfil your request for any automobile offered by one of the firms with which we are affiliated.

Certainly, we do. The discounts we provide range from those found in the newspaper to those found only here in your neighborhood, to seasonal sales and special deals for corporations. Most of these items need immediate payment or provision at the time of reservation. For Coupon or Discount Codes, contact your salesperson or organization directly.

By providing an active email address at registration, we will send a receipt to you immediately. You may request a receipt from your driver after service or contact our office to have one emailed, faxed, or sent to you.

All verified reservations will be acknowledged through email except if the customer indicates in the comment section that they would prefer a different method of communication.

You should reserve your limo as soon as you know the wedding date, the chapel, and the reception location. Bespoke vehicles tend to fill up quickly during the festive times, so it’s best to make a reserve as soon as possible after gathering all the necessary details.

If you have a specific limousine in mind, say so! Despite popular belief, white limos are not the only option for a wedding. To get the desired results, you must specify your needs to the service. If you’d like to come pick out a car in person, we’d be pleased to have you, or you may view our whole inventory at any time at If you want everyone to feel at ease, think about how many individuals will be in your gathering.

Costs here are subject to change based on discounts and deals available when you make your appointment. You can choose between complimentary wine or effervescent cider, a red wedding floor, a “Just Married” sign, and a chauffeur who has been highly trained and dressed. It’s best to inquire about multi-vehicle discounts and other deals when booking a wedding package.


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