Maci Transportation Services

Waiting Policy

We get it when things don’t go as planned in your day. This is why we have a longer waiting period than average. You have a window of time after your planned draw time (which varies depending on your area) to return the vehicle. If you haven’t arrived by the end of your wait period, you’ll have to pay wait time service charges.


The schedules of airlines and their flights are extremely unpredictable. If you give us your travel dates, we can keep an eye on your plane and save you money on wait-time charges. You do not need to share your flight details with us; nevertheless, if your airline is running late or early, you may be charged extra or kept on hold if you don’t.

  • All international flights are guaranteed a minimum of 60 minutes of complimentary waiting time after the published timings of arrival.
  • All domestic flights are entitled to a complimentary waiting period of 30 minutes after the scheduled timings.
  • Pickups from a Cruise Line are entitled to 30 minutes of free waiting time.
  • The hourly pay for the reserved car will be applied to each increment of 15 minutes of waiting time.


  • All other appointments are offered a complimentary ten-minute wait.


We will be in touch after the grace time has expired. Within 60 minutes of the expiration of the grace period, your trip will be cancelled if we haven’t heard from you. Any additional time spent waiting will be added to your bill, along with any other fees charged (except for gratuity and tolls, of course). Just reach out to us if you require more time on hold.

  • The accompanying prices apply per 15 minutes of waiting time: Prices range from $12 for sedans to $15 for SUVs to $20 for vans to $30 for buses to $40 for a chartered coach.